LHS Cinderella/Fella Project transpires many happy endings

LEWISTON, ID - In this day and age, school dances are the social events of the year for high schoolers.

But what if you can't afford to get all dressed up? One teacher at Lewiston High School is making sure that never happens.

Tucked away in a portable at Lewiston High School...there's a trove of dresses waiting to be worn.

"It was just really fun to come in here and try on dresses," said LHS sophomore, Hailey Sorenson.

It's really cool to know that I can come over and get a dress without having to spend a lot money," said LHS sophomore, Jackie Davis.

For these students, buying a dress for high school dances is an unaffordable luxury. But thanks to the Cinderella/Cinderfella Program, a pretty gown for prom is a wish come true.

"I wear it to pretty much every formal thing because it's the only dress that I have that fits," said Sorenson.

"It was black and it had a pink bow on it," said Davis. "And I loved it. It was so pretty and so much to wear."

"A lot of the dresses other people wear can be expensive and here you can have them for free and keep them if you really like them," said LHS sophomore, Erin Elzea.

"I donated the dress I wore to Homecoming back and I definitely plan on coming here for prom," said Davis.

They even have a men's collection here but it's not quite as extensive as the girls'. So if you have formal wear lying around they could certainly use your donations.

The dress collection also lacks a broad range of sizes. Dresses for curvier girls are desperately needed in the closet.

"We don't have very many choices," said Cinderella/Fella Project Coordinator, Sally Gabby. "And we hate to turn anybody away and it breaks our heart if we can't find anything. So that's one of our biggest needs."

But as the selection grows along with the beneficiaries, it's clear these girls are getting their happy endings.

The school accepts donations all year long, they also take monetary donations for the project. If you'd like to donate, contact Sally Gabby at Lewiston High School.