Library Journal Paralibrarian of the Year 2014: Clancy Pool

St. John, WA - A Whitman County librarian is being nationally recognized for her work in a rural farming town.

Clancy Pool was recently named the 2014 "Paralibrarian of The Year" by Library Journal, a national publication that's based out of New York. Pool didn't know she was nominated, but she said it's one of her biggest accomplishments.

"When I look back at some of the people that have won, I really think of those as innovators, and people that have done special things," said Whitman County Library District Branch Services Manager Clancy Pool. "And I really just worked really hard to serve the people of Whitman County."

Pool took over the rural library branch in St. John about 25 years ago, where she increased circulation and children's programming. Now she oversees the operations of all 14 libraries in Whitman County's rural library district. She's on the cover of Library Journal this month, and she'll be headed to Las Vegas for a national Convention in June.