Linden Ave. shop fire & outbuildings' blaze cause labeled undetermined

LEWISTON, ID - The cause of a fire that destroyed two structures has now been ruled ... undetermined.

Interim Fire Chief Travis Myklebust said the fire that broke out Tuesday afternoon off of Linden Avenue burned extremely hot and fast.
When crews arrived, the structure was fully engulfed. That, paired with the fact that flammable liquids were inside, make it very difficult to figure out what started the blaze.

"The main reason is because of the extensive damage that was done," said Myklebust. "There's truly not much left of it. So we have no reason to expect suspicion, so the cause will be labeled as undetermined."

A cost estimate on the damage has yet to be determined. Myklebust said it's hard to really give a dollar amount because there were so many different items inside the buildings when they burned down.