Local veterans honor presidents' on Presidents' Day Holiday

LEWISTON, ID - Presidents' Day falls each year on the third Monday of February, in honor of those who have led the United States of America, in both peace and in war.

Presidents' Day is also a special day for local vets, as they honor their respected commander in chief.

"I didn't vote for president Obama but he is the president and he is my national commander," said Merlin Hepler. "So I'll honor him and I'll respect him."

The holiday was first established, back in 1885 and in recognition of our country's first president, George Washington. Over time, the holiday has transformed to honor all presidents.

"I liked Eisenhower," said Elton Ankney.

"My favorite president was George Bush," said Jim Rae.

"Probably Lincoln," said Orvan Hatfield.

The three day holiday weekend, It's very easy to become distracted from the true meaning of Presidents' Day.

"Presidents' Day is a nice holiday but for most people it means nothing, it's just a day off of work," said Hatfield.

Lewiston residents and war veterans, Merlin Hepler and Elton Ankney, said that any commander in chief deserves to be honored, and not by just them.

"Number one, I'd hope the youth would respect the president and number two support his mission," said Hepler.

"We love our country we have to love the president too," said Ankney.