LOID changes plumbing system that results in brown colored water

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District has been pumping water through pipes since Wednesday in an attempt to clean the brown water that so many Lewiston Orchards residents have been seeing.

"There was a change in the velocity and the direction of the water from how it normally flows and that scours the inside of the lining and cleans it," said LOID District Manager Metz. "It moves that sedimentation that exists there into a more volatile form that moves throughout the system."

LOID District Manager said the sediment that people are seeing isn't a threat to people's health but doesn't recommend using it while it's colored.

"We've been taking our residual chlorine tests Thursday morning and they're still showing up very well within the ranges we expect them to be," said Metz.

Metz said the best way to get the brown out of your pipes is to let water run for about fifteen minutes.

"We recommend going to the lowest point in your house if you can, turn it on cold water not hot and just allowing it to flush through," said Metz.

But there are a few residents who've been fighting the colored water all day. Metz said it's because there's discolored water running through the main pipes as they work to flush it out of the region.

"You need to allow that to move further past, which can take anywhere from an hour to two hours which is part of our process of flushing the main lines," said Metz.

But many residents have voiced their concerns about how much it's going to cost them to run the water for so long.

"We deliver 746 gallons to your house treated and deliver to your home for about two dollars," said Metz. "It usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to clear out your line at best so what most people are spending to clear out their lines is in the neighborhood of a quarter to fifty cents."

Water officials do expect the water to be completely clear by late Thursday evening.