LOID reports average year of water levels in reservoirs

LEWISTON, ID - Despite above normal temperatures and excessively dry conditions, irrigation levels in the Lewiston Orchards have remained average for this time of year.

Although the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District has seen water levels at a lower level than the past two years, LOID General Manager Barney Metz said there's been no impact on the water supply and levels are right where they should be. He said it's not considered abnormal for irrigation levels to be farther down in the reservoirs because the amount of moisture obtained varies each year, and were lower this year than in years past.

"It's been a very typical water year, the patrons have been very good, they're very conscientious about their usage," said Metz. "It's our fourth year in a row now with no restrictions and we've met all of our ESA requirements and on both street water and Web Creek."

With irrigation season coming to an end in mid October, LOID encourages everyone to begin turning off their sprinkler systems and complete deep watering for trees.