Long line formed at Buy The Dozen to get free donut on National Donut Day

MOSCOW, ID - Today (Friday) is National Donut Day, and to celebrate we stopped by the only donut shop in the Quad-Cities area to chat with some donut-enthusiasts.

Buy the Dozen donuts in Moscow gave out a free half-dozen of mini-donuts to anyone that was willing to patiently wait in a long line. We asked some of the customers why they enjoy visiting their local donut shop.

"I just like the environment, I guess," said Moscow High School Senior Sami Durham. "And it's just really fun downtown. It's good."

"My favorite is vanilla glazed, but since me and my brother couldn't decide which flavor we wanted, we chose vanilla glaze and Oreo," said Moscow resident Meradydd Scott.

Buy the Dozen Owner Kris Wallace usually runs the shop on her own, but she had her son help her out today because she was expecting so many customers.

According to the National Donut Day website, this holiday is always celebrated on the first Friday of June.