Lost Beagle 'Charlie' has entire town of Moscow searching

MOSCOW, ID - In Moscow, brightly colored signs have been scattered across town and they have people asking, "What happened to Charlie?"

Moscow resident Jeanne Leffingwell put these signs up about a month ago in hopes of finding her lost beagle, Charlie. The two of them got separated while hiking on the Paradise Ridge on January 23rd. Leffingwell acknowledges that he could be gone for good, but she still has hope thanks to the Moscow community.

"Actually, it's kind of funny for me, too," said Leffingwell. "I probably would have given up, but all these other people are helping me look for him so how can I quit?"

Leffingwell said she's surprised at how well the signs work. She's gotten a countless number of calls from people saying they may have seen Charlie. Leffingwell is also working with a lost pet advocate that helps people reunite with their loves ones. The local paper and a radio station even contacted her to help spread the word.

If you see Charlie, call Leffingwell at 208-301-3360. We'll also post that number on