Low pay hinders finding a defense attorney for Asotin Co. District Court

ASOTIN, WA - The Asotin County District courtroom is still short a defense lawyer, and the caseload on other lawyers is getting to a point of concern.

Defense attorney's who take on misdemeanor cases on behalf of those who can't afford a lawyer make about $27,000 a year. With the minimal pay and heavy workload, the Asotin County commissioners said it's hard to get anyone to move out here. Lawyers in the area either request more for a salary or just aren't interested.

"Well we're going to have to come up with some more funds and that might mean that we're going to have to look at the budget again because it's going to have an impact on our budget," said Asotin County Commissioner Jim Fuller.

Restrictions on case limits for lawyers from the state of Washington make it mandatory for the county to find someone soon. Cmmissioner Jim Fuller said it's likely they'll have to consider raising the pay to attract lawyers to the job.