LPD applicants go through rigorous testing before a job offer

LEWISTON, ID - The search for a Lewiston Police officer has hit the ground running, literally.

A physical fitness test, which included running a mile, as well as a panel interview, kept many LPD hopefuls busy over the weekend. More than 50 people applied for the entry-level position, but that was quickly narrowed down to 30 before the physical test even started.

"We've had quite a few very good looking applicants so far," said LPD Sergeant, Jeff Klone. "They've done well on the written test. They've done well on the physical readiness, we didn't lose nearly as many people as we usually do. And the oral boards have been good so far that it looks like people came prepared this year."

Monday police announced that 15 candidates did successfully pass all the tests and are on the current eligibility list. One of those candidates will be recommended to meet with the chief and if all goes as planned, they'll issue a conditional job offer.