LPD arrest intoxicated man who admits slashing 23 tires in Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - A man is facing a felony charge after being accused of causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

Lewiston police were dispatched to a vandalism call on the 1400 block of Ninth Avenue around 8:30 Monday night. Officers were able to find 39-year-old Randall Borchardt, thanks to a good Samaritan who not only said they witnessed Borchardt slashing tires, but also followed him until law enforcement arrived.

According to Lieutenant Michael Pedersen, Borchardt was extremely intoxicated.

"He agreed to talk with the officers and admitted to slashing the tires of several cars," said Pedersen. "He couldn't remember where he had done it or how many cars he had done but he admitted to having done so."

About 23 tires on 15 vehicles were damaged. The estimated value as a whole is around $2,300. Borchardt is charged with malicious injury to property.