LPD Code enforcement officer cracking down on violators

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Police Department is cracking down on more and more violators as the temperatures start to heat up.

Boats and Trailers are beginning to be pulled out of storage and put to use on the river, but LPD said they can no longer be stored on the street. LPD Code Enforcement officer, Alan Johnson, has received several phone calls concerning vehicles and boats parked on the roadways, and said he will start enforcing the city ordinances because it's a matter of public safety.

"A lot of them become site restrictions and they narrow the roadway down, especially if you have two RV's or trailers on opposite sides," said Johnson.

Recreational vehicles can be parked on the street up to 72-hours at a time. For every day that an unauthorized vehicle is on the street a parking citation of $15 can be handed out until the problem is fixed and the roadways clear.