LPD makes it easy to dispose of drugs on National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

LEWISTON, ID - It's that time of year again to clear your medicine cabinets of prescription drugs you're no longer using.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is on April 26th. LPD Captain Roger Lanier said the annual day is a good reminder for everyone to get rid of their unwanted prescription pills the right way.

"People just don't use all the prescriptions," said Captain Lanier. "Sometimes it's elderly folks and maybe they pass away and they're in charge of cleaning up the estate. The whole idea is to get that stuff out of the general population and get it into a controlled area where we can dispose of it properly for them."

Drop your medicine off in the 'Take Back Box' set up in the lobby at the Lewiston Police Department. They do not accept syringes, liquids, bio-hazards nor inhalers.