LPD officers' participate in intensive firearm training required by State of Idaho

LEWISTON, ID - After being sworn-in as a police officer, the training doesn't stop, in fact it's just beginning.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio joins Lewiston's finest out at the shooting range as they do mandatory testing for the State of Idaho.

Every sworn officer from the chief down to the reserves are in the process of getting qualified with their weapon.

The standards are fairly high, obviously we want our officers to hit what their aiming at. There's a prescribed distance they have to shoot and so many rounds required by Idaho POST.

The State of Idaho requires any officer that carries a weapon not only to complete qualifications once, but twice a year.

"We do one during the spring time which is our daytime shoot and then we have a low light qualification that we usually do in the fall that requires officers to shoot under low light conditions using flashlights and things like that," said LPD Sergeant Jeff Klone.

Testing that's much easier said than done.

"There's a minimum score that they have to get to be allowed to carry their firearms," said Klone.

The patrol rifle, shotgun and pistol are the three weapons that each officer has to qualify on.

In addition to passing these state required tests the Lewiston Police Department does training of their own throughout the year.

"You will lose those skills if you don't use them," said Klone. "That's why we use all kinds of techniques to simulate something that could happen whether that be an active shooter, a car stop, clearing buildings and at that time they do fire quite a bit of ammunition as well but its more of in a dynamic environment."

To allow for more one-on-one training with the firearms instructors, all the officers are divided up into groups. The last group will test (today) Thursday.