LPD recognize dispatchers for National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

LEWISTON, ID - 911 operators around the U.S. are being honored for National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, and in Lewiston it's no exception.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio speaks to some local dispatchers about the important role they play in keeping everyone safe.

You don't see them cruising the streets, or arresting the bad guys but whenever you need them they're there.

"It doesn't matter what we got, if we got 911 calls coming in we've got to answer them," said LPD Officer Jared Smith.

"It's more than just multi tasking it's multi listening," said LPD Dispatcher Janette Schaffner. "We could be on a 911 call and dispatching police at the same time."

The Lewiston Police Communications Center is in charge of not only dispatching law enforcement but also fire and EMS.

They are absolutely the critical lifeline for our citizens and our first responders.

A job that's not taken lightly.

"The end goal is that we send all of our officers home to their families," said Schaffner.

But what about their well-being and the emotional toll some phone calls take on them.

"With me it's kids, when there's kids involved," said LPD Officer Smith ."It's hard not to take that emotional baggage home."

But regardless of what they're feeling during a call, they get the job done.

You kind of robot through it, you get calloused. You don't loose your care or concern but you have to do that to survive the day to day calls that we get.

Now don't let the humble dispatchers fool you. They are not just surviving the busy, emotional, 24-hour a day job...they excel at it.

"We have I think the best team of communication specialist in the entire state," said LPD Chief Steven Orr. "They're outstanding they work together. They multi task and have compassion and dedication to the profession and the citizens that they serve."

"I appreciate everything that you guys do," said Felton. "Happy Telecommunication Week."