LPD search for criminals involved with Lewiston Orchards car vandalism

LEWISTON, ID - Two serious crimes are prompting law enforcement to increase patrols in the Lewiston Orchards.

Early Friday morning police found a 1995 Ford sedan parked in the 2100 block of Ripon Avenue with its door open, keys in the ignition and a cinder block on the front seat. Fortunately the car didn't work, otherwise police said this stolen vehicle probably would've ended up like a stolen Toyota Corolla from the night before.

"A large rock placed on the accelerator and the vehicle was placed in drive and aimed to crash into a pile of styrofoam containers that were stolen from a near by tree nursery," said LPD Captain, Roger Lanier. "Those containers scattered the vehicle went off the road and crashed into a tree."

In both cases, keys were left in unlocked cars and it's believed to be the same person responsible for both incidents. Anyone with information about a possible suspect is encouraged to call LPD at 746-0171.