LPD training use old library building to conduct a building search

LEWISTON, ID - After being vacant for about six months, Lewiston Police are putting the old Lewiston Library to use .

Every LPD officer is taking part in a training activity at the old Lewiston City Library. The building searches are a way for officers to work on flashlight control, proper techniques to sweep a building and how to work as a team.

Swat Team Leader Michael Rigney said every officer already knows how to conduct a building search, however practice makes perfect.

"It is something that they already know but it is really important because they do it on a regular basis," said Rigney. "So we come in here and let them work on a team. So if there is any mistakes to be made they make them in here and they don't make them out there while they're working."

Rigney said techniques and lighting on weapons change, so practicing in a dark building with a lot of rooms is an excellent opportunity for the officers. LPD has exercises like these about four times a year.