LPD will cremate body of man found in 1989

LEWISTON, ID - After 23 years of investigating the remains of a man found in Lewiston, his body will be put to rest.

According to Lewiston Police Department Captain Tom Greene, the department has exhausted all avenues of identifying the body found in the Normal Hill Cemetery in 1989. The body which was found just 18 inches below cemetery grounds is of a white man in his 30's with a fracture to his skull, which leads police to believe the man was a victim of homicide. A clay molding, placed over the skull of the man's face, police say is accurate of what he looked like.

"We had that reconstruction done to try and determine what it would have looked like had it been a live person and we're at a dead end," said Greene.

Because there have been no leads and no matches linked to missing people, police have made the decision to cremate the remains. However, before the final cremation, a DNA bone sample will be sent for further testing.