Luna not running for re-election of Idaho's State Schools Superintendent

LEWISTON, ID - This is the last term for Idaho's Public Schools Superintendent. Tom Luna announced Monday he will not seek re-election.

So it seems like lately, everything I do, every action, every speech, every request is looked at through the lens of re-election," said Luna. "And I believe there are some who currently support what we are doing but who might feel the need to distance themselves from this work or even oppose simply because they think it might benefit me politically. Therefore I want to take that off the table and for that reason I will not seek re-election in 2014."

Luna said his decision wasn't an easy one to make, but he believes it's the right choice for him, his family and the children of Idaho. As for his time left in office, Luna said he still has a lot he wants to get done.

"There are important things we can and must accomplish this legislative session and over the next 11 months in the best interest of Idaho students," said Luna. "Elected officials have political capital and they can spend it many ways, one of those ways is getting hard things done and I plan to spend the political capital I have doing just that."

So far, Luna said he hasn't picked a candidate to endorse. Two republican candidates, Randy Jensen, a middle school principal from American Falls and John Eynon, a music teacher from Cottonwood have already announced they'll be running for superintendent.

The lone democrat is Jana Jones, who Luna narrowly beat in 2006.