Majority of Lewiston residents surveyed are against relocation of library

LEWISTON, ID - A survey released by Washington State University states that nearly 60% of the city's population that was surveyed is against the relocation of the Lewiston City Library.

The Lewiston City Council reviewed the survey at a work session Monday afternoon, pointing out that 78% of the households interviewed have no children under the age of 18.

Lewiston City Library Director Alexa Eccles said the survey provides the library with helpful information, however her focus is on the future of the library and its services.

"I think information is always good, but we are on the right path," said Eccles. "We have purchased the building and we are moving forward and again focusing on the service that we're going to be providing."

Eccles also said that the city provides the same service regardless of the buildings location, pointing out that the survey failed to ask if households were already using library services.