Make-A-Wish Foundation grants Chase Yaggi wish for trip to Disney World

MOSCOW, ID - A Moscow boy battling brain cancer has a dream of visiting Disney World, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation will make that dream come true this summer.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces us to Chase Yaggi, and explains how University of Idaho students are raising money for his trip.

Like many kids, ten-year-old Chase Yaggi has exciting plans for the summer.

"I want to go to Disney World and swim with the dolphins and get some time off of school," said Lena Whitmore Elementary School Fourth Grader Chase Yaggi.

But Chase's trip to Disney World will be extra special because it's being organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"His brothers and sisters get to go with us, and they said they'd take care of everything," said Yaggi.

Chase was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early 2013.

"It's kinds of scary," said Chase.

Chase's mom, Dawn Yaggi explained that it's a rare form of cancer.

"His type of tumor does not react to chemo very well," said Dawn. "And so it's kind of a wait and see."

"I'm not really that tired no more," said Chase.

Chase said he's feeling much better now that he's done with chemotherapy.

"Some people can smell it and taste it, and it just doesn't feel good," said Chase. "A lot of people don't like it."

His battle is ongoing...

"He'll have it for the rest of his life because they can't remove it, and it's caused him to almost go blind in one eye," said Dawn.

But the Disney World trip gives the entire family something to look forward to.

"The thing that got me was when we found out who was doing it for us," said Yaggi.

Here at the University of Idaho, they're raising money for Chase in a very unique way.

"So the way we're raising money for Chase is through our office invader philanthropy," said U if I Student Elise Moote. "So the guy behind me, his name is Gerald."

A $20 donation to Chase's trip will put this nuisance in any office on campus for an hour. A $30 donation gets rid of him.

"Really, it's like a big collaborative effort," said Moote. "What's amazing about it is we've been able to get all of campus involved in Chase's wish."

Gerald may be a distraction, but he's helping Chase's wish come true.

The fundraiser at the U of I will continue until April 18th. If you'd like to make a donation, head to the fundraiser website.