Male streaker incidents at WSU Stevenson East Dorm

PULLMAN, WA - The Washington State University Police Department is looking for a man who has a problem keeping his clothes on.

Police said that a streaker is responsible for several indecent exposure incidents in the Stevenson East dorm over the last few months.

The suspect is described as medium height with a slender build, and police have released a composite sketch of him hoping that someone will come forward with information. Police said the man has gone streaking on a few of the female floors in the tower, but he usually wears something to cover his head.

"From all the encounters, he has never approached or attempted to touch any of the victims, so he's not doing that," said WSU Assistant Chief of Police Steve Hansen. "He's just standing there, and once he's seen he takes off running."

The most recent incident took place early Monday morning. Police believe the streaker is a WSU student who lives in the dorm or has access to the building through a friend. They said if a resident encounters this person, they should immediately get to a safe place and call 9-1-1. If you have any information relating to the indecent exposures, contact WSU Police at 509-335-8548.