Man claims police brutality after tasing incident in Clarkston

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston man said he was brutally assaulted by local police.

KLEW News has the exclusive report on the alleged violations including never before seen video of the incident. We want to warn our more sensitive viewers that the following video you're about to see is very graphic.

It's January 2012 at 2:00 in the morning and Clarkston Police Department and Asotin County Sheriff's Officer's respond to a domestic violence call.

Footage from a taser captures the raw moments when 31-year-old Ryan Bonivert gets shocked multiple times.

Over the course of the fifty-second video, jolts of electric shock and screams are heard repeatedly, until Bonivert is silenced to tears.

"There's no doubt that the police serve an important function," said Attorney Sam Creason. "But that function is not furthered when they choose to disregard the constitutional rights of someone they're sworn to serve and protect."

Attorney Sam Creason represents Bonivert. They're alleging that city and county officers broke into Bonivert's home without a warrant, and brutally assaulted him. Clarkston Police Department Chief Joel Hastings said they can't comment on pending litigation.Asotin County Sheriff Ken Bancroft mirrored his statements.

"Our constitutional rights really wouldn't mean much if we didn't have some avenue to hold people accountable, to hold the government accountable if it does violate our rights," said Creason.

According to the civil rights violation notice, Bonivert's former girlfriend called officers alleging domestic violence. Former Clarkston Police Department Sergeant Dan Combs and Sheriff's Office Deputy Gary Snyder then used force to break into the home, tased him multiple times and arrested him.

"They never record seeing him with any weapons so there is really no excuse that they would make the decision to break into his home," said Creason.

The assault charges against Bonivert were later dropped in Asotin County Superior Court. Creason said a civil rights violation is now in the hands of leaders at the city and the county and they're seeking $600,000 in damages.

The city and county have two weeks to respond. Creason said they'll file in federal court if the parties don't wish to settle out of court.