Maple K Cattle Farm cows are grass-fed that produce quality beef

COLFAX, WA - A family-operated cattle farm near Colfax is producing a different type of beef than you might be used to. It appeals to the more health-conscious meat eaters.

Tom and Cheryl Kammerzell are known for the beef they produce here at Maple K Farms.

"We deliver our beef, after it's processed to many of our customers and that means meeting folks in parking lots and exchanging coolers of beef because that just works best for us," said Maple K Farms Co-Owner Cheryl Kammerzell.

Their distribution methods may be unique, but the cows themselves are what really sets Maple K apart from other local cattle farms.

"When you see them, they have long hair and long horns," said Maple K Farms Co-Owner Tom Kammerzell. "They're from Scotland originally."

"They're very picturesque," said Cheryl. "If you're going to have cattle grazing in front of your house, it's nice to have something that's fun to look at."

The Kammerzells raise highland cattle.

"Grass-fed, grass-finished," said Tom.

And even though the cows are pretty cute, the Kamerzells said it's all about creating quality beef.

"These cattle stay out on pasture until the day before they're harvested," said Tom. "And the meat is naturally leaner, not a lot different than deer and elk."

"They're naturally a leaner beef because of the thick hide and the two layers of hair that they have," said Cheryl. "They don't put on a layer of back fat like commercial cattle, or more of your domestic cattle have."

"They're easy keepers, they forage rather than graze as I say, which means they're like a deer or an elk," said Tom. "They'll go eat on the brush, and then the grass."

Tom Kammerzell admits that the taste of finished product isn't for everyone, but he said they've developed a pretty loyal following here in the Inland Northwest.

"The best word I ever heard from a customer was, 'Don't call me again' said Tom. "Just let me know I have a standing order and let me know when to pick it up."

Tilth Producers of Washington will host a Farm Walk at Maple K Farms on Monday, September 16th. Click here for more information.