March was second driest month ever recorded within the LC Valley

LEWISTON, ID - Farmers within the region are planting their crops early this year, due to the dry winter.

A lack of moisture and warmer temperatures has farmers within the region planting various crops two-to-three weeks ahead of schedule, in preparation of the continued dryer than normal conditions. According to Primeland Cooperatives, timely moisture will be key in producing an average crop this year.

"Typically getting the crop in earlier than usual is a two edge sword, because it's typically dryer than normal so were going to be more and more reliant on some timely moisture," Said Primeland Cooperatives Grain Division Manager Russell Braun.

Spring wheat and spring barley are two crops that farmers have begun to plant, due to their high resistance against frost. According to the U.S. National Weather Service in Spokane, this was the second driest March ever recorded within the LC Valley.