Marijuana Grower busted in Whitman County

WHITMAN COUNTY, WA - The Whitman County Sheriff's Department recently assisted the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration in arresting a man that was running a large marijuana grow operation just outside the Pullman city limits.

Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers said law enforcement agencies have been investigating William Dougherty's grow operation off Carothers Road for about a year. Myers said the DEA recently got a search warrant for the residence and made an arrest last Friday.

"The DEA was able to seize numerous plants and approximately 78 pounds of finished product and so we're talking about $100,000 worth of marijuana that was confiscated," said Myers.

The sheriff's office shared photos to show how extensive the grow operation really is. Myers said he's glad that the federal agency was able to take over the case because the federal marijuana laws are much clearer than the state laws.

Dougherty had a bail hearing at a federal court in Spokane Wednesday afternoon and he was released from jail without bail.