Marines backpack food seven miles for food banks on Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - Over the weekend, the Marines of the Palouse donated about 400 pounds of food to food banks in Moscow and Pullman.

Sunday morning, the Marines of the Palouse got together with family and friends for a hike along the Chipman Trail.

"We went on a seven mile hike between Moscow and Pullman with our packs that were completely full of food so we can donate to the Moscow and the Pullman food banks," said Marines of the Palouse President Matt Decker. "Try to give back to our community."

"We easily probably could have just drove them over to the food banks," said Marines of the Palouse Treasurer Ted Owens. "But you know, we thought it would be a little more meaningful if we put it on our backs and did it the traditional Marine style."

"It's the Marines, it's what we do," said Marines of the Palouse Vice President Tracy Young. "It's a jarhead thing."

The Marines organized the food drive not only to give back, but to reach out, and let the Palouse know their organization exists.

"We started this organization mostly so we can get these people to get back in touch with their brothers and have someone to talk to," said Owens.

"Once a Marine, always a Marine," said Young.

Considering it's the first time the Marines of the Palouse have organized this event, they said they're pleased with the turnout.

"We have about four to five hundred pounds," said Decker. "We haven't weighed it, but every single pack here was full and we had 35 people."

"It was fun," said Young. "It was just a great time to get out with family, get out with the Marines again, remember old times."

"I hope we do this again next year, and I hope we make this an annual thing," said Owens.

The hike, or "hump," as the Marines call it, was more than seven miles long, and despite the windy weather it only took them a couple hours to complete.