Massive Concrete Blocks Temporary Fix for Failing Retaining Wall near Pullman Walmart

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In Pullman repairs to a retaining wall are underway after officials discovered it put the public safety at risk.

A few weeks ago the city of Pullman was notified there was a problem with the retaining wall outside the entrance to Walmart. Now Harvest Drive has been completely shut down to fix this problem and it could take some time to do so.

Today crews were bringing in concrete blocks to support the base of the wall and that mass will help with the stability of the wall but this is just step-one in a long process.

Crews worked putting in massive concrete blocks along the failing retaining wall to help support the structure; but designs and plans for the wall fix need to be submitted because the city expects most of the wall will need to be rebuilt.

“We expect to go get those within the next week or two and look those over,” said Kevin Gardes.

While the entire project is expected to last most of the summer, public safety is still a priority for Kevin Gardes, Pullman’s Public Works Director.

Gardes said, “If the wall were to keep moving and keep pushing out it could basically come out into the sidewalk area and that's why we coned it off.”

The transit bus stop on that block has also been taken off service for the time being.

On the day the city was notified they had a geo technical engineer go up and access the damage. They said there wasn’t any danger for mass failure, that would push it out into the road, but it was concerning enough to cone off the area immediately.

Gardes said, “Once the full fix has been given to us and we can review it and approve it, we'll know whether the other traffic impacts to either Harvest of Bishop Boulevard.”

Now this same wall failed two years ago, but it was further up on Harvest Drive and that section was rebuilt and is fine now. Gardes also expects that section of Bishop Blvd. to be open to full traffic lanes sometime next week.

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