Mayor Lambert looks forward to challenges ahead including business growth

MOSCOW, ID - The new mayor of Moscow is settling in at City Hall and getting excited to make some changes around town.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us about Mayor Bill Lambert's priorities and his plans for the future.

"And that you will faithfully discharge the duties of mayor of the city of Moscow" said Moscow City Clerk Stephanie Kalasz.

"It's a very humbling experience because you're in charge of an overall city, and to me that's very important because I love Moscow," said Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert.

Just a few days after taking the Oath of Office, Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert is preparing for change.

"What I will say to the citizens of Moscow is I'm going to do my very best job to get our city where we need to be," said Lambert. "And that's growth, good growth. Not accelerating growth."

Lambert said he plans to use his background in business management to get rid of the idea that Moscow isn't business friendly.

"There's things that we can do to change that perception, and that's what I'm going to diligently work on," said Lambert. "We've got to be warm to business and growth in our community."

He said growth will require cooperation between city leaders, the business community, and the University of Idaho.

"If we're all going to same direction, it makes it a lot easier," said Lambert. "And we can get a lot more accomplished."

And Lambert said he's looking forward to embracing the community and taking on any challenges that might come his way.

"I'm very approachable," said Lambert. "I talk to all groups. I don't act and shoot from the hip, I like to analyze things. I like to look things through, I like to study and research things."

The city's budget may be one of the first major issues Lambert will have to tackle as mayor. He said that process will start within the next few months.