Mayor Warren clarifies previous statement about aquatic center funding

CLARKSTON, WA - Last week's Town Hall Meeting held by the Asotin County Commissioners, left some constituents unhappy.

Drew Dickinson of Asotin County spoke his mind at the Clarkston City Council meeting Monday night. He said Mayor Kathleen Warren incorrectly spoke at the Town Hall Meeting last week in regards to opting-in on a sales tax for the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center funding.

"For somebody to stand up publicly, and state that the City of Clarkston's intention for that money was to go to it's dedicated service is nothing but a bold faced lie," said Dickinson.

"I did not lie, you misunderstood me," said Warren.

Warren said that she explained at the town hall meeting that she voted to opt-in on the sales tax so the money would fund the Aquatic Center, and not end up being used for other county business. She clarifies to Dickinson that while that was her reasoning to opt-in on the sales tax, it was not the same reasoning for other council members, who would eventually move to use the money for other city purposes.