Mediation begins for CCA and Clarkston School District

CLARKSTON, WA - Mediation began Friday for the Clarkston Classified Association and the Clarkston School District after several failed sessions of bargaining.

The CCA, which is a union made up of special learning instructors, has been working without a contract this school year after the previous one expired.

A representative from the Washington Public Employee Relations Commission will moderate the bargaining so that both sides can reach an agreement. CCA Member Communications Coordinator Angie Gustafson said they hope the negotiations go well.

"We would love for it to be done today," said Gustafson. "We are willing to stay all night, even if the mediators themselves have to leave on their plane, we are willing to stay all weekend even."

Gustafson said the CCA will stand firm on what they believe is fair in terms of salary, contract length, sick leave and student safety.