Mediator unable to help Clarkston School District & CCA reach agreement

CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston School District and the Clarkston Classified Association were unsuccessful in their negotiations Friday, despite assistance from a third party mediator.

CCA Member Communications Coordinator Angie Gustafson told KLEW News that, "We recognize that there was some movement on the district's part that shows they may be hearing our concerns. Both sides worked to find a mutually acceptable agreement. But there wasn't sufficient change in areas that impact our students and members most, before the mediator had to catch a plane."

A mediator will return to Clarkston sometime later this month to try and help the two parties reach a contract agreement. A representative from the Washington Public Employee Relations Commission was called in to assist, after months of failed meetings. CCA employees are currently working without a contract until negotiations are finalized.