Mental health experts address ways to detect and prevent suicide

MOSCOW, ID - Friday afternoon, mental health experts gave a presentation in Moscow about the sensitive subject of suicide.

They discussed the risk factors, signs, and ways to talk to loved ones about suicide. The presentation was specifically called "Suicide Awareness" to bring attention to how difficult it can be to detect and prevent people from taking their own life.

"It really adds a lot of burden, and a lot of guilt to think, 'I should have prevented that,' 'I could have prevented that,'" said University of Idaho Psychologist Dr. Sharon Fritz.

Every year, about 39,000 people across the country die from suicide, and the suicide rates in Idaho are higher than the national average. It's especially an issue in rural areas because there is a lack of access to mental health care, and easy access to firearms, which are the method of more than 60% of Idaho suicides.