Preliminary Hearing Postponed for Attempted Murder Suspect


Eliseo Alejandro Deleon-Tye was scheduled to have his preliminary hearing here at the Latah County Courthouse on Thursday afternoon, but the defense team says it needs more time to prepare and that preliminary hearing was pushed back.

Deleon-Tye sat quietly inside the courtroom as he faced Latah County District Court Judge, John Judge. Thursday’s preliminary hearing has been postponed, but when it happens, the judge will hear testimony from prosecutors to decide if there’s enough evidence against Deleon-Tye to make a case.

On the morning of April seventh Moscow police were called out to an apartment on A Street for a domestic dispute. When they arrived officers found a woman lying on the floor covered in blood. They also found Deleon-Tye who said to them “officers please kill me please kill me.”

After being booked into the Latah County Jail, Deleon-Tye claimed he needed to retrieve a thumb drive or his sister’s life would be in jeopardy. He told officers a man in a black vehicle said he had 48 hours to do so.

Police officials say Deleon-Tye broke into his ex-wife’s apartment with a ski mask on, threw her to the ground and began stabbing her with a knife. When he finally stopped he asked her if she wanted to die slow or fast and if he should kill himself. The victim took the mask off and discovered it was her ex-husband.

As Deleon-Tye exited the courtroom he had a noticeable limp while walking.

The preliminary hearing is now scheduled for May 11 and the no contact order has been extended to that date as well.

If convicted, Deleon-Tye could face up to 35 years in jail for attempted murder and burglary.

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