Missing Genesee boy found thanks to Facebook

Genesee, ID - A Genesee boy, who had been reported missing Thursday afternoon, was quickly found thanks to the reach of Facebook.

According to a press release from Lt. Brannon Jordan of the Latah County Sheriff's Office, 14-year-old Devon Revord was reported missing shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon when it was discovered he had not shown up to school in Genesee, Idaho. Jordan stated the boy had left his home at 7:30 that morning to make the one and half block walk to school. Latah County Deputies and the search and rescue team set up a perimeter around the school to look for the boy.

While authorities searched for any information about the whereabouts of Revord, several local media outlets, including KLEW News, reached out to the community by posting pictures of the boy on social media to help locate him. Local Facebook users shared those pictures at a fast rate and it was Savanna Hust, an employee at a Lewiston Arby's location, that recognized the boy in the restaurant as Revord.

Hust said that she wasn't completely sure the boy she saw in the restaurant was actually the same boy who had been reported missing, until she verified it by looking at the picture that was shared on the social media website with a supervisor. The two agreed that the customer, who had just stepped outside, was indeed the missing boy from Genesee.

"We ran outside and got him," Hust told KLEW News. "I contacted the authorities and they [Revord and Hust's supervisor] came in and one of my other supervisors sat down and talked with him for a little bit to make him a little bit more comfortable.

Jordan stated the teenage boy was "cold, wet and very tired," when he was located because he had walked 18 miles to Lewiston. Revord told authorities he had walked along U.S. Highway 95 from Genesee, down the winding Lewiston Hill and into the restaurant on the busy stretch of 21st Street.

"You don't really ever think that's going to happen," said Hust of the unexpected Facebook Connection. "I see those pictures all of the time, but you never think that you're actually going to see them."

According to Jordan, Revord--who was said to be in good health--had made the long trek in winter weather conditions because of a minor argument at home and he wanted to be alone for awhile. The boy's family was contacted by authorities and reunited with him shortly after he was found.

"I'm just happy that he's back home with his family and that he was found," Hust said.