Missing Kamiah man was last seen leaving Kamiah Hotel last Saturday

KAMIAH, ID - Friends and family are asking for the public's help finding a young man who went missing almost a week ago.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio has the heartfelt plea from a mother.

This picture was the last one ever taken of 27-year-old Eldon Farris.

"He would not go this long without contacting anyone, his children are the single most important thing in his life and in his world," said mother of EJ Connie Snyder.

Eldon was last seen Saturday morning at about 1:30 a.m. leaving the Kamiah Hotel bar.

"I viewed it on the surveillance video, he has not been seen or heard from since," said mother Connie Snyder.

Family and friends said he would never just up and leave.

"He missed work on Saturday, missed his grandmothers birthday on Sunday, missed picking up his children on Sunday," said Snyder. "And he would not go somewhere or be somewhere and not call. He would not go somewhere without his children."

With no answers at this time, mother Connie Snyder is fearing the worst.

"If he had run his vehicle into the river they would have found something by now," said Snyder. "I'm not sure foul play is not involved."

Snyder said a thorough search of the river has been done.

"My brother-in-law came over, and he is a member of the Olympic Mountain Search and rescue to do a search on their own," said Snyder. "There's no sign on the river, there's no sign on our road."

So now she needs your help to bring her son home.

"Either he has gotten into a motor vehicle accident somewhere and is hurt or worse," said Snyder. "Or somebody has done something to him."

Eldon's vehicle is also missing. It's a 2002 Ford Van, license plate number I62017. If you've seen or know anything related to his disappearance, contact law enforcement immediately.

The family has created a page to help bring Eldon home. We've posted a link on our Facebook page. Just search KLEW News and like the page to join.