Monarch Academy provides K-12 schooling and childcare

CLARKSTON, WA - Where to send your child to school for the 2013 school year is a decision that's just around the corner.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio learns why parents will have more choices to decide from this year as a local childcare business grows into an academy.

Just like the Monarch butterflies who must morph prior to spreading their wings, the Monarch Academy in Clarkston will also begin shaping youth prior to their flight to a world filled with unknowns.

"For years and years parents have asked, can you do a school?" said Monarch Academy Owner Dale Mayberry. "Can you just carry that learning on from pre-school on to a school?"

And after 26 years of providing Tender Care to the Valley, an affiliate was born in the shape of the Private Monarch Academy.

"We're hoping that we can better meet the needs of students that might kind of fall through the cracks or kids that have different learning styles that might not be getting met," said Monarch Academy Teacher Kelly Ward.

The certified teachers use individualized techniques because just as no two butterflies are alike, they say no student can learn in the same way either.

"A lot of children learn by moving, they learn through their fingers, their eyes and through their ears, they learn in different ways," said Mayberry.

In order to personalize their approach, school officials said class sizes are key.

"12 is just a really good number to help each child and learn their strengths and their weaknesses," said Monarch Academy Teacher Courtney Bielenberg.

"They excel faster and farther, and they just do better in school and that's are ultimate goal to help student's reach their highest potential," said Ward.

The academy open their doors next month. If you want to learn more about the new school, we've made it easy to do so by providing information on our Facebook. Just search KLEW News and like the page to learn more.