Monday evening's public hearing seeks public input of zoning changes for pot

CLARKSTON, WA - If you have any thoughts or concerns about planning and zoning for marijuana in Clarkston, now's your chance to be heard.

The city's Planning Commission is holding a public hearing Monday to go over new changes to zoning in the city due to the legalization of marijuana. Public Works Director, Jim Martin said city council members want to make sure they get proper input from the public before any decisions are made.

"The Planning Commission has identified three areas where marijuana could be accomplished in the city," said Martin. "Retail would be in some commercial zones and processing and production would be in an industrial zone."

The hearing will start at 6:00 Monday evening at City Hall in the council chambers. If you don't want to speak at the hearing, you can write a letter addressed to Jim Martin. Letters must be printed and handed in before the meeting.