Morning commute snafu on both bridges in LC Valley

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Thursday morning paving work on the Fleshman Way Interchange project put traffic at a standstill in the westbound lanes of the Southway Bridge.

Some drivers said they were waiting all the way up on Bryden Canyon Road.

Asotin County Public Works Director, Dustin Johnson, called it a perfect storm of things that they tried to plan for, and missed something.

Here's what happened: the road was going to be closed down Wednesday night at one lane at 7:00PM.

However, that didn’t happen because of traffic to and from the Lewiston Roundup.

So they waited until after ten o’clock. Well, that delayed their scheduled paving, which was supposed to start at three o’clock in the morning to six o’clock Thursday morning.

Johnson said that just created a domino effect.

"Unfortunately it didn't matter which bridge you chose this morning you were going to be stuck in traffic for at least 20 minutes or longer," Johnson said.

"Asotin County apologizes for that and wish we knew about some of this stuff beforehand and we're extremely sorry for what this did for everybody out there.”

The good news is there are no more scheduled closures and the roadway will be open for traffic starting next Friday, September 15.

During the morning commute, some drivers opted to go around and take the blue bridge into Clarkston but they were also met with a lane closure. Only to find, another backup.

Roadwork is also underway on Bridge Street as crews work on repaving the roadway. At the end of the bridge traffic merges into one lane causing minor backups.

This backup went across the bridge and wrapped around to the levy bypass in Lewiston.

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