Moscow ballerina is raising money for her summer intensive tuition

MOSCOW, ID - A Moscow middle schooler will be traveling to Connecticut this summer for a different type of summer school.

Simone Wulfhorst, 12, has been dancing for most of her life.

"Since I was four, I think," said ballerina Wulfhorst.

And it's something she takes very seriously.

"It's not all about pink, and tutus, and all that frilly stuff," said Wulfhorst. "It's just like sports, and football."

"She's put in a lot of extra effort, and she's really put forth dedication and commitment," said U of I Ballet Instructor Mia Song Seshiki.

"It's one of those things that feels like, even though it's really hard, it's worth it," said Wulfhorst. "And you can gradually see yourself progressing."

Simone spends at least ten hours a week in dance classes at the University of Idaho.

"Thursday's my day off," said Wulfhorst.

The training that she's received here in Moscow, Idaho will take her across the country for a summer intensive with the internationally renowned classical ballet company based in Moscow, Russia.

"It's the famous Bolshoi Academy, which usually feeds directly into the Bolshoi ballet, which is pretty much the best ballet in the world," said Wulfhorst.

"A lot of people try out for summer intensives, and some make it and then, some don't," said Seshiki. "And for Simone, especially with the Bolshoi Ballet, it's a huge honor. It's really prestigious."

Simone looks up to her ballet instructor, Mia Song Seshiki, as well as any professional ballerinas that come from a small town.

"I'm kind of like, oh cool," said Wulfhorst. "That could be me someday."

She said this summer intensive will bring her one step closer to accomplishing her dream.

"She wants to be a professional ballerina, and she's got the skills and the will to do it," said Seshiki.

"Ballet just makes me happy," said Wulfhorst. "I don't know, I can't really explain it."

Simone is raising money for her summer intensive tuition. If you're interested in donating, check out this site.