Moscow business owner felt Capone had a dark side

LEWISTON, ID - Many people in the region are still trying to come to grips with the disappearance of Rachael Anderson, and the murder charges filed against estranged husband, Charles Capone.

Jake Stewart manufactures jewelry and custom pieces out of his shop in a Moscow business park. Charles Capone ran an auto mechanic business on the other side of the building and Stewart says there was always something dark about Capone.

"I think that the presumption has always been," said Stewart. "I don't think there was anyone that really questioned if he was involved, with his wife's disappearance."

Stewart said he met Capone a couple times while they worked in close proximity and never got a good vibe from him. He said he's been following the Rachael Anderson disappearance case, waiting to see if charges would be handed down.

"Someone like an upstanding citizen, run of the mill kind of guy you might give him the benefit of the doubt but he wasn't," said Stewart. "I would immediately suspect him."

Capone and his alleged accomplice, David Stone, were charged on Wednesday with murder in the first-degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first-degree and failure to notify law enforcement or a coroner of a death.