Moscow City Council approves plan to post signs, paint arrows for bicyclists

MOSCOW, ID - The city of Moscow is ready to make its downtown area safer for pedestrians by encouraging bikers to "Walk their Wheels."

Monday night, the city council approved the transportation commission's plans to educate bikers through signs on Main Street. City staff explained that citizens often complaint about bikers making the sidewalks less safe for pedestrians, and the council agreed it's time to take action.

"There are those anarchist bikers that exist in Moscow, people riding in the wrong direction, and all sorts of things," said Moscow City Council-member Tom Lamar.

"The most frequent complaints over the last 6-7 year of being on council, I've heard from downtown businesses is the bicycle problem," said Moscow City Council Member Wayne Krauss. "And so getting them off the sidewalks is good. I personally have been rundown by a bicycle."

The council didn't pass an actual ordinance against riding on sidewalks, they'll simply encourage bikers to ride in the street by posting signs and painting "sharrows" on the street. You'll see these changes downtown first, and if it works, the concept could spread through the city.