Moscow City Council denies Perch Grocers request for alcohol license

MOSCOW, ID - The future is unclear for an establishment called "The Perch" in Moscow.

Tuesday night Moscow City Council denied a request to allow the grocer to sell alcohol for on-site consumption. The new owner wants to turn the store into a restaurant, and Idaho code doesn't allow alcohol to be sold within 300 feet of a school or church. The Perch is not only located on the university campus, but also between two places of worship.

The only way for this code to be waived is if city council approves it, and city council members said The Perch must prove itself a functioning restaurant first. To be considered a restaurant, 40% or revenue must come from food.

"Some of the council members were interested in seeing this thing go through, I mean his remodel go through, and set up as an established business before they would even consider it," said Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert. "And some on the council were just simply opposed to it."

This isn't the first time the same request has been denied to The Perch, and Lambert said the owner has yet to begin any construction or remodeling to put in kitchen facilities.