Moscow City Council discussed initial plans for entryway beautification project

MOSCOW, ID - The city of Moscow plans to beautify its commercial corridors that lead to the downtown area in hopes of improving the city's first impression on visitors.

A steering committee of business owners and other stakeholders have identified weeds as one of the largest problems. Monday night, the city council agreed that working with private business owners would be a simple way to combat the weed situation.

"If one business is cleaned up, picked up, fixed up, the next one's going to probably think about it and say, 'Well I need to do something, too.' Whether they want to or not," said Moscow City Council Member Water Steed.

The steering committee is also considering public art installations, landscaping, and roadway improvements. The council directed the committee to move into the next phase of the project, which is creating a concept design and gathering cost estimates.

The city budgeted $35,000 for the planning stages of this project, but money for actual improvements would come out of the 2015 fiscal year budget.