Moscow City Council pass ordinance for dynamic display signs

MOSCOW, ID - After months of research, the city of Moscow now has a permanent ordinance when it comes to those flashy and dynamic, display signs that are seen on the busiest streets around town.

Monday night, the city council unanimously agreed to pass the Planning and Zoning Commissions recommendation. It, limits sign size to 100-square-feet, the brightness to 500 nits at night, and requires that each message be displayed for at least eight seconds, with transitions that are only two seconds, or less long. A subcommittee held public hearings and conducted field research to help the commission come up with this list of regulations.

"I had no idea how really glamorous it was going to be to stand in Tri-State's parking lot in the rain, while the brightness of the sun burned out my retinas," said Moscow Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gina Taruscio. "It was very, very exhaustive."

Existing signs that exceed the 100-square-foot limit, like the 192-foot Tri-State sign which actually first started the debate in Moscow, won't be removed. The new regulations also prohibit signs that have any noise or odor, linked to them.