Moscow City Council passes property tax increase

MOSCOW, ID - Taxes are going up for property owners in Moscow.

At Monday night's city council hearing, the proposed increase passed five to one. There was a lot of concern about an article featured in the Lewiston Tribune that said taxes would raise 11%. City council members said the article, though truthful, was misleading.

"Taxpayers in the city of Moscow, as a result of your actions, their tax will not go up if they're paying a $100 gross tax bill for instance, it's not going to go up $11.25," said Moscow City Supervisor, Gary Reidner. "It will go up 24% of that."

So the increase property owners will actually see comes out to less than three-percent. The funds gained from the increase will go toward the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport runway realignment and the salary of two police officers.

The council also opted to take the optional three-percent levy of property taxes for general funds.