Moscow City Council receives economic update from urban renewal director

MOSCOW, ID - According to Moscow's economic development specialist, the local economy is growing at a slow and steady rate.

Moscow Urban Renewal Executive Director, Jeff Jones updated the city council on the national, regional, and local economic trends Monday night. He explained that the "Latah County Micropolitan Area" economy is highly dependent on the employment rate, which has been picking up since 2011 after it crashed during the recession.

"If the region continues to grow primary jobs, export oriented types of jobs import money, export a good or a service, the rest of everything else will become healthier," said Jones.

Jones said there's been significant growth in the local agricultural and manufacturing industries in recent years. But, there have been significant decreases in areas like construction and government and state employees. Jones said if the economy continues to grow at its current rate, the Latah County area would get back to the employment peak it reached in 2008.