Moscow Farmers Market vendors will see fee increase

MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow City Council approved a fee increase for Farmers Market vendors, despite the backlash the city received from vendors in a public works and finance committee last week.

Vendors said that the city did a poor job of informing them about the proposed 55% increase of the annual fee from about $200 to $312 as was suggested by the city staff. The council acknowledged the issue, but council member Wayne Krauss pointed out that a fee increase is necessary to balance the city's budget.

"$5.00 a day increase," said Krauss. "We talk 55%, now that sounds like a lot of money. $5.00 a day, a dollar an hour."

Ultimately, the council decided to increase the fee to $260 instead of the originally suggested $312 amount. The City of Moscow subsidized the 2012 market with about $55,000 because the vendor fees collected didn't cover the cost of running the market. The increased fees enables the city to spend less of the taxpayer's money on the 2013 market.