Moscow is one step closer to developing property into playfields

MOSCOW, ID - The City of Moscow is one step closer to developing a property into playfields for area children.

On Monday night, the council discussed the school district's proposal of the Joseph Street property, requiring the city to cover all of the costs necessary to build and maintain the playfields, and allow the two parties to have joint usage of the fields.

Council members expressed their various concerns about the proposal, but generally agreed it's important to move forward with the development.

"They are the same children, these are the same voting constituents, it is the same city, and we have always worked together, partnering with the school district in the past," said Moscow City Council member Wayne Krauss.

The school district wants to maintain ownership of the property in case they decide to build a new school there. Some council members don't think that would be in the best interest of the taxpayers, partly because there isn't a foreseeable need for another school anytime soon.

The city staff came up with recommendations for how the council should move forward, and the council accepted most of them. Now, the direct city staff will negotiate a joint use agreement with the school board and discuss the possibility of the city purchasing the fields from the school.