Moscow man being called Beyonce twin and his parody photo that now has gone viral


This next story has to do with a Moscow man, Beyonce, and a great sense of humor.

On Sunday night Beyonce wowed audiences at the Grammy Awards, but for Moscow resident Christian O’Bryan it was one of her pregnancy announcement photos that inspired him.

“We saw the photoshoot on there and started laughing as we were going through them and we got to the one of Beyonce on the Porsche and we were like oh my gosh,” said O’Bryan. “I have the same Porsche and it's red!”

O’Bryan’s red Porsche 9-14 sits in his backyard, and he just couldn’t help himself. He had to do it. He called his father who’s a photographerand viola. A parody photo wearing red underwear and posing just like the queen bee herself. And just a mere 48 hours after he posted it online, O’Bryan has the bee-hive buzzing.

“Facebooks exploding and all the Reddit talk and a little bit on Twitter, and it's been a lot of fun,” said O’Bryan.

More than a thousand comments on Reddit and 38,000 likes, and if you can believe it, the shoot itself didn’t take that long to complete, but the details were important.

“We’re starting to get the shoot ready and we realized the hood doesn't stay up on its own so we had to grab some of the car parts and stick it in there to keep it up because that's how she had it in the photo,” said O’Bryan.

The Christmas tree doubled as the plants seen in and around the car in Beyonce’s shoot. O’Bryan and his friends never knew the picture would catch on like it did, but they do have a goal in mind....

“We joked that our end goal was to get onto the Ellen Show...” said O’Bryan.

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